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Statistics Tab#

Statistics tab includes four different parts:

  • the top part contains a line graph.
  • the middle section consists of:
    • Statistic cards
    • Total debt chart
  • the bottom part consists of a bar showing the collateral structure.

Top chart#

On the graph, we can observe the daily change:

  • exchange volume
  • liquidation value
  • minted synthetics
  • burnt synthetics
  • user count


Statistic Cards#

There are five cards with:

  • current value of the collateral
  • current debt value
  • volume from 24h ago
  • fee from 24h ago
  • mint from 24h ago


Debt Pool#

On the chart, we can observe the change of the debt in real-time and the proportion of total debt for each available synthetic asset.


Collateral structure#

On the chart, we can observe the debt changing in real-time and its distribution.